in the name of love

Pop’s Stops, Ranked

From “in the name of love” to “Hammertime,” few gimmicks are as effective as singing “stop” and then literally stopping.
ars goetia

The Demons, Dolls, and Dead Guys of The Conjuring–verse, Ranked

We judged the Warrens’ supernatural foes by three criteria: Do they slay? Do they fit in thematically? More important, how’s their merch selling?

20 Hardcore Sax Scenes, Ranked by Horn-iness

These are the best horny guys, lone jazz wolves, and big bad voodoo daddies film has to offer.




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    Ranking Jason Statham’s Most-Deranged Character NamesEverything from The Pink Panther’s Yves Gluant to The Italian Job’s Handsome Rob.
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    The 24 Worst Ways to Be Killed by Jason StathamStatham has a unique ability to maintain his stone-faced demeanor in even the most ridiculous of fatal circumstances.
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    Every American Horror Story Season, Ranked From Worst to BestWith Kim Kardashian about to join the American Horror Story family, let’s look back at the ups and crazy, crazy downs of the past 11 seasons.
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    25 Modern Songs That Sound Like ’90s CountryWe’re in the middle of a full-on revival.
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    The 11 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This WeekendVampire-dictator biopic, anyone?
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    11 Essential Hip-Hop BooksFrom star-studded memoirs to “one of the most engaging examinations rap has ever received.”
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    The 9 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This WeekendWe’ll have the French zombies, s’il vous plaît!
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    The Best New Board Games and Tabletop Games of 2023 (So Far)Roll the dice and be rewarded with analog thrills.
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    The Conjuring Universe, RankedFrom scary (bad) to scary (good).
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    Every Star Trek Captain, Ranked by CompetencyWho would you want as your boss?
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    Daryl Dixon’s 12 Best Episodes of The Walking DeadAhead of his new spinoff, brush up on Daryl’s journey from savage survivalist to stoic leader.
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    75 New Screen Adaptations of Books to Add to Your 2023 Reading ListIncluding a Scorsese film and a new season of Loki.
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    Every Denzel Washington Movie, RankedA look at the Oscar winner’s best (and worst) work through the decades.
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    The 9 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch Over Labor Day WeekendYo ho, yo ho, an extra day off for thee.
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    Every Bruce Willis Movie, RankedHis career explored every facet of the wise-cracking everyman.
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    Which Fall 2023 Comedian Memoir Is Right for You?Featuring releases from Maria Bamford, Reggie Watts, Leslie Jones, and more.
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    The 30 Best Superhero Cartoons of the Past 30 YearsSince Batman: The Animated Series and X-Men in 1992, animation has been a rich avenue for comic-book adventures.
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    The 25 Best Episodes of Archer, RankedFrom the ISIS years to the origin of “phrasing.”
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    Onscreen Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, RankedWhere does You Are So Not Invited to My Bar Mitzvah stack up?
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    The 11 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This WeekendGet in, Padawans, we’re streaming Ahsoka.
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    All 49 Video-Game Movies, RankedSome of them are even pretty good, so where do Gran Turismo and The Super Mario Bros. Movie stack up?
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    The 23 Most Ridiculous Things That Happened in Riverdale, an Insane ShowAn evil D&D-like roleplaying game, a tickle-fetish racket, an alien preserved in a barrel of maple syrup — you know, normal Archie-comics stuff!
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    The 12 Best Tennis Scenes in MoviesHollywood is short on truly great tennis movies, but that doesn’t mean tennis isn’t a good movie sport.
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    Every Star Wars TV Show, RankedWith so many shows set in the galaxy far, far away, which ones are worth your time? And which ones will pay off in future stories?
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    8 Great Audiobooks to Listen to This MonthA psychological thriller, a Zeitgeist-y celebrity memoir, and a best-selling beach read for your ears.
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    Every DC Comics Movie, RankedFrom the Christopher Reeve era to the Snyder Cut — plus this week’s The Flash.
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    Every Will Ferrell Movie, RankedWhich film best captures the Will Ferrell Experience? We’ve ranked ’em all, including his most recent appearances in Barbie and Strays.
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    Vulture Ranks Movie VulturesCaw!
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    The 8 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This WeekendMust love dogs. And monkeys. And beetles. Get it?
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    The 25 Best Dogs in MoviesWho’s a good boy?
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    The 13 Best Nature Documentaries on Disney+Can’t get outside? These movies will take you there.
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    Cat Performances, RankedA celebration of the 25 greatest feline roles — with no CGI, human-cat hybrids in sight.
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    The 12 Best Bug MoviesBugs, whether we like it or not, have infested everything, including our films.
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    The 15 Best Nature Documentaries on Discovery+ (and Max)Sir David Attenborough’s voice welcomes you.
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    The 15 Best Snake Moments in Movie HistoryFrom Indiana Jones to Anaconda.
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    The 8 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This WeekendNow with money, murders, and Meryl.
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    Draculas, RankedWe’ve counted all the counts and put together a high-stakes ranking of the best and the worst.
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    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Secretly Sad Space Saddies, RankedDon’t let the camaraderie and consummate professionalism aboard the Enterprise fool you this crew needs a hug.
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    The 11 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This WeekendIt’s turtle time, y’all.
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    All 92 Episodes of The O.C., RankedCalifornia, here we come.
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    Every Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie, RankedThere have been ten movies about the Heroes in a Half-Shell. Which of them are ooze-worthy?
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    12 Turbulent Airplane Thrillers to Stream Right NowDid Hijack make your heart soar? Check out these action flicks set in the not-so-friendly skies.
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    How to Watch John Wilson’s Old Internet VideosThe road to the documentarian’s HBO show is paved with unique short films.
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    Checking In on Netflix’s Original Movies: July 2023 EditionTyrone gets cloned, Ellie Kemper tries something (kind of) different, and a German flick offers a dystopian spin on “Time is money.”
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    The 13 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This WeekendYes, there is life after Barbenheimer.
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    10 Books to Read If You Enjoy Generation-Spanning Sci-Fi Epics Like FoundationSci-fi stories that don’t span centuries are so basic.
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    Every Marvel TV Show of the MCU Era, RankedThere have been 22 TV shows since Marvel took over movies — and some of them are even pretty good.
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    12 (Even More) Depressing Things to Read and Watch After OppenheimerThese books, movies, and pieces of pop culture are a guide to the atomic era Oppenheimer unleashed.
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    Greta Gerwig’s 10 Favorite BooksGeorge Eliot, Virginia Woolf, Joan Didion, and more.
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